A young adult novel

Seventeen sucks.  

It sucks when your Mom has dementia, and she believes it’s still the 1980’s. And it sucks when your Mom no longer recognises that you are her daughter.

Scout is her Mom’s only carer, and sometimes Mom goes AWOL - but Scout has a special knack of tracking her down, a sixth sense that is kept secret. Scout doesn’t want anyone to know about her freak psychic ability, but when Mom is picked up by the cops, the secret is out. 

Scout can feel the emotions that other leave behind, and now the police want her to help them find a missing child. As she follows the invisible tracks, she experiences the terror of an abducted child and the hunger of a serial killer... 

Scout is yet to find where her freakish talent will take her - it might get her out of her dead-end life, it might lead to romance.

But can Scout develop her paranormal talent in time to save the missing child?


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